FilterAny v1.0

I created the FilterAny to help on tedious and repetitive tasks when working with texts. It has many filters that can be called through a graphical interface and also through a command line by a Script file.

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Here are some tasks examples that people probably had to do manually:

1) When copying a content from one tool to another one and having that adjusting the position of the text manually.
2) When receiving one list with any information and having to verify one by one if there are repeated or similar information.
3) When copying something from Internet and the text came with strange text in many places and it is necessary to remove one by one.
4) When having that move a text into a spreadsheet and haveing to position each information in correct cell one by one.

This list of tasks is a small example of where FilterAny can be used. It is possible to use some imagination and is clear to see many other situations where FilterAny can be used.

FilterAny v1.0 - Windows:

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User Manual:

Manual in English

The concept of the tool is very simple. It is just necessary to copy and paste any text into the Input Area, then a filter is selected, some parameter are provided and the filter can be applied. The text is then filtered into the Output Area. Some filters accept texts from both Main and Auxiliar Area. If it is necessary to apply one another filter then the content can be brought back to the Input Area with a simple click on a button. This process is repeat until the expected result is reached.